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PQ+ delivers more efficient processes and more effective people

We propel organizations forward by improving quality and productivity. You can count on us to develop bespoke improvement concepts. And vouch for their successful implementation.


PQ+ identifies and analyzes areas of the existing quality management system that are in need of improvement. We help organizations revive their system to reach and maintain an ISO 9001 certification.


PQ+ has all the tools to map, measure and analyze a quality problem together with the client and render effective improvements to be secured in the Quality System.Your customers demand quality, and so do you. PQ+ supports you to make your suppliers deliver the required quality. And with its extensive experience in Automotive Quality, PQ+ has the tools to aim at ‘Zero defect’.


In close cooperation with our clients, we map existing production processes and identify ‘waste’ activities. We then eliminate them and increase productivity. We can use the Avix tool for this purpose.
We increase sales step by step and in line with your strategy.


In need of a solid coach or interim project manager? Looking for support when introducing a new product, doubling your capacity or relocating to a new building? Count on the experienced professionals of PQ+.


PQ+ can train groups and teams to optimize processes. On-the-job coaching of managers and experts makes improvement tangible and applicable.


PQ+ offers quick scan solutions to companies seeking advice before entering an extensive improvement program.

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Our team approach brings out the best in your people. The personal way of working creates bonding and raises mutual respect.

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